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Setting Aside 10 Minutes for Yourself

As commuters, many of us frequently wrestle with one recurring question:

“Do I have time to go to the gym today?”

All too often, it is easy for a commuter to make reasons not to go to the gym so that they may return home to relax, begin working on assignments, or go to work. Trust me, I get it! However, there are many benefits to taking time out of your day to work out. It is important for college students to maintain some level of daily physical exercise, even if it means taking only 10-30 minutes out of the day to do a brief workout at home or on a lunch break.
I’ve listed a few of my favorite workout routines below.

The Rainy-Day Workout:

Rainy day/home workout that can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes.
I love this workout because it only takes 10 minutes, but you can repeat as many times as you want. I was able to find it on a blog entitled Running in a Skirt, by Julie Wunder. I first used it on a rainy afternoon when I couldn’t go on a run and I didn’t have time to drive to the gym. Total completion time for all five rounds takes about 10 minutes, depending on how fast you go through the moves, and on your physical ability. Once you go through all the moves once, you can elect to repeat it again from the top to challenge yourself. This workout will get your heart pumping, tone your muscles, and make you feel more focused throughout the rest of the day.

Quick Start Workout:

Quick Start workout to do when you wake up in the morning.
This workout, by Darebee, is great if you prefer to exercise first-thing in the morning to get stretched out and ready for the day. Even going through each exercise just once after you wake up will help you wake up, increase blood flow, and jump-start your day. Doing this in the morning always makes me feel more focused throughout the day. Darebee recommends that you do the routine three times through and use two-minute breaks in between sets. However, if I am being honest, I skip the two-minute break to save time.

Power Lunch 10 Minute Workout:

Power Lunch 10 Minute Workout to do on your lunch break.
This is another great option for those with limited time. It is by Julie Wunder again, in her blog, Running in a Skirt. I highly recommend her blogs for quick home workout routines. Most people can spare 10 minutes during their lunch break to get in a quick workout. While this workout may seem simple, it can be quite difficult to maintain some of these poses for an entire minute. I like this one because I don’t get too gross and sweaty, but I engage my entire body.

There are many other quick workouts available online that will be effective, but these are just a few of my favorites. The idea is that, despite our demanding schedules as commuters, we can all take a small amount time each day to work on ourselves, even if it is just 10-30 minutes with no equipment.

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